We often talk about the word “compliance” - this refers to adhering to laws and regulations.

WorkSafe, the Government Regulator, want to see every business and every worker 'working towards compliance'.

There are so many different kinds of farms, different agricultural enterprises combined with different management and worker experience. It is important that we set ourselves up for success, by ensuring we are educated about WHS. We must also ensure our team members are aware of and educated about their own responsibilities related to WHS.

In Western Australia, all workplaces are required to comply with the Work, Health and Safety Act 2020, and failure to do so could result in fines and imprisonment.

The WHS Act (2020), the Legislation, Regulations and Code of Practice are complex - they are at times 'high level' and at times specific. Ignorance is no excuse. Navigating these rules and regulations can be complicated and confusing.

SafeFarms WA is here to support you to do this by providing you with information, resources and tools.

To read more about the Work Health and Safety Act 2020, refer to the links below.